2016 August

Small, Smaller, Smallest Exhibition at Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery.

Vancouver, Canada, August 2016

fca gallary photoFederationCanadianArtists1


2016 July

Summer Gallery Exhibition at Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery.

Vancouver, Canada. July 2016

fca gallary photoFederationCanadianArtists8Summer Gallery2

2015 May

International Art Exhibition “Art Vancouver” at Vancouver Convention Centre .

Vancouver, Canada. May 2015

IMG_1402 _DSC4500  11329986_1430065433969793_5699137736892945476_n _DSC4497     _DSC4525 _DSC4502 art vanc

2015 February

Big personal  exhibition «Love Forever».

National Art Museum Taras Shevchenko. Kyiv.

Афиша размер для интернета  10801810_852751754782138_2058317577159978128_n  _DSC5399  DSC_0201  _DSC5321  _DSC5297  DSC_0212

2014 December- 2015 January

All-Ukrainian Christmas  Exhibition. Central Artist House, Kiev. 2014 December -2015 January

The landscape “Miraculous Night” was exhibited.

я на Рождественской выставке афиша Рождественская выставка

2014 Februar-March

All-Ukrainian Exhibition “The bicentenary from the birth of Taras

Schevchenko”. Central Artist House, Kiev.

  афиша выставки  я на фоне работы  640 федорова 2014


2013 July – August

Informal program of 55 Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art (Venice Biennale), Venice, Italy. International Art Exhibition «New faces in art».

The artworks ”White on white”, “Before thunderstorm in summer”, “Guardian angel” were exhibited.

V bie  IMG_1681  ven  V B  IMG_1686  IMG_1876

2013 August

All-Ukrainian Exhibition “Young Art of Young Ukraine”. Central Artist House, Kiev.

молоде мистецтво я на молодому мистецтвi IMG_2825 — копияМододе мистецтво молодої країни страница каталога


2013 August

Exhibition “Mostra” in Palazzo Prulli-Bon. Venice, Italy.

The work «White on white» won the 3-d prize in nomination «Avant-garde still life».

Mostra diplom prize