Anastasiia Fedorova is an award-winning Ukrainian painter known for her landscapes and floral pieces. Anastasiia feels the nature with her heart and translates it through a filtering and colouring process. Using a wide-spectrum palette Anastasiia creates impressionistic landscapes that sparkle with colour and depth. Anastasiia is a Member of the International Association of Artists and Canadian Federation of Artists. Her pastous and multilayer oil paintings are in corporate and private collections and catalogues throughout the world.






August, 2017 – Anastasiia was awarded with Palm Art Award by Art Domain in Germany. 

July, 2017 – Anastasiia Fedorova was nominated for 2018 ATIM Masters Award by ArtTour International Magazine in New York. 

September, 2015 – Anastasiia was awarded with Ukrainian Art Olympus Diploma as Honoured Ukrainian Artist. She was published at “Anniversary Art Olympus Book.”

June, 2015 – Anastasiia is an award-winner of the International Programme “Ukrainian Art Olympus”.

June, 2015 – Anastasiia became an Active Member of Federation of Canadian Artists. 

August, 2013 – participation in the art project Passagio in Laguna in Venice, Italy.

August, 2013 – winner of the International Art Competition «Italian Art Week». 3rd place in nomination “Still-life paintings in the avant garde style”.

April, 2013 – Anastasiia`s painting “Man and Woman’s Origin” became a poster for the International Art Exhibition “Days of Slavic Art in Berlin.” The painting was displayed on the exhibition posters and was printed on the exhibition award-winners’ certificates.

March, 2013 – Anastasiia`s painting “Man and woman’s Origin” became a poster for the International Exhibition of Modern Art «Ukrainian Art Week». The painting was printed on exhibition-competition winners’ certificates.

March, 2013 – Anastasiia is an award winner of the International Art Competition «Ukrainian Art Week». She was awarded with the 2nd place in nomination “Abstract painting» and the 3rd place in nomination “Portrait”.



August, 2016 – “Small, Smaller, Smallest” Exhibition at Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.

July, 2016 – “Summer Gallery” Exhibition at Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.

May, 2015 – International Art Exhibition “Art Vancouver” at Coal Harbour Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada.

February, 2015 – Solo  Exhibition «Love Forever» at National Art Museum Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv, Ukraine.

December, 2014 – January, 2015 – Ukrainian Christmas Art Exhibition, Central House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine.

February, 2014 – March – Ukrainian Art Exhibition “On the 200th anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko” at Central House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2013 – IX Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art (Florence Biennale) at Fortezza da Basso,  Florence, Italy.

August, 2013 – Ukrainian Art Exhibition “Art of Young Ukraine”. Central House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine.

August, 2013 – International art open-air, Venice, Italy.

July – August 2013 – Project «Passagio in Laguna», Venice, Italy.

July, 2013 – August, 2013 – Informal program of 55 Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art (Venice Biennale), Vinece, Italy.

August, 2013 – International Art Exhibition “Mostra” in Palazzo Prulli-Bon, Venice, Italy.

April, 2013 – International Art Exhibition “Days of Slavic art in Berlin”, Berlin, Germany.

March, 2013 – VII International Specialized Exhibition of Contemporary Art “Ukrainian Art Week». Central House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine. 


«Summer Gallery». Vancouver, Canada, 2016

 «Anniversary Art Olympus Book». Kiev, Ukraine, 2015

«Ukrainian Art Olympus». Kiev, Ukraine, 2015

«Art Vancouver». Vancouver, Canada. 2015

«Love Forever». National Art Museum Taras Shevchenko. Kyiv, 2015

«Ukrainian art exhibition “On the 200th anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko». Kyiv, 2014

«IX Florence Biennale «ETHICS DNA of ART», Florence,2013

“Young Art of Young Ukraine”.  Kyiv, 2013

«New Faces in Art», the unofficial program of 55 Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art (Venice Biennale), Italy, 2013

«Ukrainian Art Week», Kyiv, 2013


The creative and talanted artist Anastasiia interprets what she sees in multilayered and complicated manner, modeling her own, unique picturesque World. She fills it with happy emotions, even rays of happiness, vibrations of colors and incredible variety of textures, images, silhouettes, thoughts and feelings. Thanks to the incredible enthusiasm and a perfect sense of color harmony the artist successfully solves any creative tasks. This applies to tasteful coloristic decisions and complex composite tasks. Visualization is performed in the original creative manner, often based on the use of impressionistic techniques. Impulse of any thematic, coloristic, emotional experiences can be a motivator for the creation of a new painting. It can even be a simple urban motif with fence, small building or trees. It can be a curlicue of dark, melted paths around the colorful snow or ochre-coloured poetic crown of slender poplars at autumn window. Golden fairy lamp light in blue velvet winter night. Wonderful mood arising from acute sense of beauty of the surrounding world.

Anastasiia`s floral still-life paintings are beautiful and emotional, ambiguous and subtle picturesque. They are full of joy and light, beauty and good mood. Landscapes painted by the Anastasiia from nature, during plein-air, are always of fresh color and sincere mood. Particularly successful are, in my opinion, the latest autumn and winter pieces (2014-2015): “Autumn tenderness”, “Autumn Sun”, “Daisy”, “Snowy Morning”, “Sunny day after rain” etc. They are as poetic as their names. I shoud mention that the artist does what she trully loves.  She is painting with joy, portraying things she cares for. The creative collection of her paintings, Anastasiia Fedorova increses actively taking part in many international art exhibitions.

Lidiia Gurska, art historian, member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine.